What you need to know about video production in Singapore

Singapore is a great place to film. The country is an ideal travel destination with millions of tourists from a wide variety of countries flocking to experience Singapore. Many within and outside of Singapore have got to witness the beauty of Singapore not just in the welcoming and friendly attitudes of the people but the environment both physical and natural.

Singapore has some of the best in natural parks hosting diverse species of animals and also some of the alluring infrastructure thanks to the country’s business reputation. This calls for various industries to grow and the film industry is one of them. Video production Singapore has been on the up with both local and foreign producers plying the trade. To prove this, big movies such as last year’s Hitman: Agent 47 have been shot in Singapore and famous actors such as Phyanka Chopra have filmed in the country.

For video production to thrive, the country must have a conducive environment and enabling atmosphere where filmmakers and videographers can thrive. Singapore has several incentives that videographers involves in video production can count on to make their art better and boost their careers. Some of the incentives are tax related. One of them is production companies do not have to file tax returns on rebates. There is also the film nonrefundable, non- transferable tax credits which can be used to offset a production company’s tax liability and can be carried forward to a defined time. There are also the film refundable and transferable tax credits which help sustain video production in Singapore.

There are some things you should know about filming in Singapore. Make sure that you carry a protective unit for your equipment since it can be rainy and very humid. Before shooting a video at a national park, you should submit an application two weeks in advance since the authorities require notice before filming in parks and natural reserves. If your video shoot or film will capture a government building, you will need a permit and you should inform the Ministry of Communications and Information. This also goes for aerial shots, if one needs a videographer needs an aerial shot, they should give notice at least 10 days before they plan to shoot. This is addition to some necessary permits you will need. Conversely, Singapore has very relaxed laws for filming and video production.

Singapore continues to attract more investment and businesspeople are getting worthy returns and the same can be said of videographers who have found out that they can perfect their art and hone their craft in a country that supports film. More details here.