The Best Time to Apply PR Singapore

It is no surprise that so many people continue to apply for PR Singapore each year. Singapore is known for its world-class education system, highly efficient transportation system and reliable health care and continue to attract individuals and businesses that want to explore the many opportunities that this small city state has to offer. Foreigners, who are considering migrating to this country, need to apply PR Singapore and assume citizenship afterwards if they desire. But when is the best time to apply PR Singapore?

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For individuals, the best time to apply for PR Singapore is after two years of formal employment in the country. It is advisable to complete two years as a dependable tax resident and submit your permanent resident application after the second tax notice from the IRAS. IRAS documents that show your personal income tax details are extremely valuable when it comes to applying for permanent residency because they show that you are a reliable tax resident of the country. Any application before this period can still get approved if you have good attributes in the form of education, family, employment and salary. However, less than this period of employment in the country will work against your application and risk a possible approval by placing other people in front of you even if they have the same attributes but more years in employment in the country.

If your PR Singapore has been rejected in the past, the recommended time to submit your new application is after waiting for the stipulated time in the rejection letter. For instance, if the ICA asked you to reapply two years later, you need to wait for that period. In their rejection letter, there is no specified date for your to reapply Singapore PR. However, the shortest period to submit a new application is six months. Sadly, some individuals ignore this notification and reapply before the stated period, which may result in another disappointment.

Singapore is a country of many opportunities and possibilities, which you can harness if you apply PR Singapore at the right time and in the right manner. Know more about applying for PR in Singapore at