How to find the right movers in Singapore

Getting a good house mover in Singapore can be very challenging especially if it is your first time of wanting to move. Although there are many of such companies around but most times their services are not usually satisfactory and a good number of them may leave you spending more money than necessary to replace damaged items. Considering the amount of other things to take care of during your transition which will certainly take more of your time, the need to get it right when looking for a mover is essential because the wrong ones may live you disappointed and frustrated. Some of the steps you can take to find good movers in Singapore are briefly discussed below.

Go for experienced movers in Singapore

There is a natural tendency to go for cheap movers in Singapore especially those found on classified sites. Considering the fact that you are moving, you may be tempted to save as much as you can in every way possible thus resorting to cheap moving services. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to spend less, however experience shows that when it comes to issues involving property and personal belongings, it is usually better to avoid anything called cheap because they may eventually lead to more expenses.

House moving is usually one thing that requires a lot of work and care especially when you have to manouvre large items through small doors and transport delicate materials over long distances without damaging them. You can only get the best services from an experienced company and most times such companies usually have their personal website. It is only movers with inadequate experience that will opt to advertise their services in places like gumtree or classified sited instead of a personal company website. Though there is nothing wrong with such sites but the importance of a personal business site cannot be misplaced.

Apart from the danger of having your items damaged, you may also face disappointment from ‘cheap’ movers because as recorded in some cases, such movers may not show up on the actual day they are needed due to reasons you will eventually come to find out.

Make sure the company have their own staff and machinery

Make sure the moving company have enough trucks and materials for the job. You can confirm this through the company’s website or better still you can visit their location to see for yourself. Never make any assumptions. Always make sure you know what you are spending your money on.
This is because there are many so called movers who lands the job first and then starts to hire machinery and staffs for work. Falling victim of such companies may lead to disappointment if the company is unfortunate to hire the required machinery and staff before the move.

Consider your options in pricing

You must avoid movers who tend quote a large sum for each trip. Good house movers will always want to get as much information as possible before quoting any price. The more reliable ones will even offer to visit you before the move to take some measurements and get a better estimation of how much services you will need.

The wrong house movers will end up clustering your whole property and items in order to make it just a trip while over looking the amount of damage that may arise.

Prepare for extra cost

Make sure you ask enough questions on the possibility of incurring additional expenses when dealing with any moving company. Services such as long push, packing of buses or complicated assembling usually attract more charges, thus it will be good to have an idea of the prices of such probable services so that you can include them in you budget. You can also pack boxes yourself just to cut down some of the likely additional charges.
When negotiating with any company, you can also show them quotes from another company you tried if you think their charges are higher; this often leads to cuts and better negotiating terms.

In conclusion, even though there many movers in Singapore, not all of them can provide professional services. Careful consideration of the above steps will help you not to fall victim to the wrong ones.